Spigot AuctionHouse 2.1-rc6

An AuctionHouse plugin for 1.13.2+ with a familiar interface.

  1. It'd be good if you could add bidding support, like an Auction House. :)
  2. It's been added to the to-do list for a while. Its not a simple implementation and much refactoring is involved, so would probably be in a 2.0 release.
  3. Hi

    Can you add a option to turn off the confirming event for /ah sell. It would be great because we dont need it and players on our server dont like that.

    Best regards
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  4. Jovan, what confirming event do you mean? /ah sell should only will put up a confirm listing if there is a listing fee. Do you mean to make them pay a listing fee without telling them about it?
  5. Sikatsu, you mean it's only taking up to 62ms now... Should be better than the 1.9.1 timings.
  6. It is better then 1.9.1, but isn't 62ms considered really high? And 35% of the tick?
    Did the last update improve further on this or is it the same as b3?
  7. There are lag two numbers to be concerned about. The first is around 65 ms which is the time it takes for the update each tick, and the second is a larger number like 230ms which occurs when the /ah command is first run. The latter occurs only first time as it also has to sort through the listings.

    Please note these are "lag" values, so only include info if its > 50ms and is not an indicator of general performance. But the 65 ms is still a bit of a concern as it updates the screen.

    Please check with the 1.9.3 beta 1. The 1.9.2 release was just a push of all the betas from before and some additional performance changes.
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  8. Will upload it and let you know tomorrow. Most are going to bed now so can't really get you a good timings until then.

    Thanks again !
  9. Please run spark so I can actually have useful information to analyze. I got absolutely no help from the Paper folks, in fact they were quite toxic and unhelpful.
  10. I saw that, I will get you a spark once there are more players online. Hopefully we will be able to solve this.
    The earlier spark I sent doesn't help?
  11. Also I wonder why no on else here reports issues about their timings/lag.
    When I started using this plugin it also wasn't as high as it is now. Some updates made a change in that.
  12. Not sure, most of the updates improved the performance. Nothing was significantly changed that would increase lag. A spark report with an actual lag event for the latest version would be very helpful.
  13. For me it only became worse for some reason. It's not always as high and spiking as my latest timings, but that does show it sometimes happens. I'll hopefully be able to get you a spark later today.