Spigot AuctionHouse 2.1-rc6

An AuctionHouse plugin for 1.13.2+ with a familiar interface.

  1. When typing /ah or /ah help with the needed plugins an error comes up and nothing happens
  2. SlimeDog


    Please supply some details, so this can be evaluated:
    • Spigot version: use version ("latest" is not a version)
    • Vault version (again, "latest" is not a version)
    • Economy plugin and version (again...)
    • Permissions plugin and version (again...)
    • The error message
  3. It's not a configuration thing. Its a naming thing. If you make worlds with _nether and _the_end in them, they will be grouped with a world that starts the same.
  4. SlimeDog


    Oh, that's good. I was hoping to collect specified worlds into groups. No worries, although you could take that as a low priority feature request.
  5. So, should remove it?
  6. I have a problem where as people can hold SHIFT and jitter-click to steal items from the GUI.
    Then, to preserve the item, so it doesn't go away, they put it in their enderchest, and take it out again.
  7. how i can do for disapear this message ?[​IMG]
  8. What version of Spigot/Paper and AuctionHouse. For the interim, try setting strict:true in the config.yml.
  9. Compare the new en_us.json file to your customized locale file. You need to add those missing tags for "message.active_listings.spacing.top": "" and "message.active_listings.spacing.bottom": "".
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  10. OK, we could either add resets after each item displayed or filter out &k from the item names when displayed. Which do you think is better?

    Note: temporarily you could put &r after the item placeholders in the strings in the locale file. For example:
    "message.sell.listed_item": "&6You have listed &e{0}x &f{1} &6for &b${2} &6on the auction house!",
    would be changed to...
    "message.sell.listed_item": "&6You have listed &e{0}x &f{1}&r &6for &b${2} &6on the auction house!",
  11. klugemonkey updated AuctionHouse with a new update entry:

    Small Fixes and Action Bar Support!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. I desperately need this for 1.9.4 please
  13. But its not implemented in 1.9.4, and probably will never be implemented in 1.9.4 since that code is not updated. I think we've sorted out most of the issues on the 2.0.x version.
  14. So is 2.x stable? Like, I remember there were some issues with database migration and such, I guess now everything OK since nobody reported issues.
  15. Backup your data, but yeh, it's looking much better.
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  16. Yea, I upgraded today, didn't notice any issues
  17. Hi, Is version 2.0.5 compatible with spigot 1.15.2? Becouse 2.0.1 is not compatible
  18. Should be. How do you mean not compatible? Are you getting an error message?