Spigot AuctionHouse 2.1-rc6

An AuctionHouse plugin for 1.13.2+ with a familiar interface.

  1. - Added new /ah list <price> [count] command that allows an OP or someone with the auctionhouse.list permission to create a server listing that does not expire, but can only be purchased once.
    - Added new /ah ulist <price> [count] command that allows an OP or someone with the auctionhouse.ulist permission to create an unlimited server listing that does not expire, and can be purchased over and over.

    I was just about to install something that mimics the interface of AH and add an admin shop basically.. And now you add it.

    Sorry for swearing: but that's fucking awesome.

    Thank you for these updates. :)
  2. Good updates.
    Friendly reminder about an ability to "pick" items from AH for admins.
    Middle-clicking on item while being in creative emits CLONE_STACK inventory action, currently it does nothing as AH cancels it.
    I suggest to make it so when you middle-click (while having necessary permission), AH clears the item lore and puts that item on cursor without altering actual listing.
    Example implementation: https://hasteb.in/xeluvoji.java
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  3. Also: how does upgrade work? Can I install latest on top of 2.0.8?
  4. I know the options in-game, for the default options in the config.yml

    Code (YAML):
    sortOrder: 'oldest'
  5. Hi, I'm currently using the plugin via minehut server and I am not able to buy items from other players. Anybody have an idea why?
  6. Not a clue. Purchasing worked fine for me in my testing.

    Might be more productive if you provided the version you are experiencing the issue with, the version of Spigot/Paper you are running, any error or exceptions listed in the console/logs, what other plugins you are running and their versions specifically for Vault, and your permissions manager, and whether or not it's doing nothing at all, or giving a message or the villager "no" sound.
  7. lowest_price, highest_price, newest, oldest
  8. AFAIK, yes. Backup the plugin's folder that has the auctions.db or auctions.dat file. It will create the new .db file if it doesn't exist and try to import the listings from the .dat. Might want to set debug: true in the config.yml to see in the console log the listings that it imports.
  9. Is this a widely used feature? I have no experience with those who use the plugin in a creative environment. Seems like the plugin might be blocking that CLONE_STACK. Are you saying it should be permitted by a permission?
  10. Good to hear that! I still have a lot of other features that have been suggested, but the admin listings was from a long time ago and was on my todo list.
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  11. I don't distribute the plugin with languages other than just English. This is because I'm not multi-lingual, so I can't wait on localization changes before I publish a release, nor do I feel comfortable using computer generated translations in a product. I would hate to have a computer generate translation be incorrect and disrespect the other language.

    Therefore it is my policy to include any but English because of this. I fully understand that for some, English may not be the "main" language, but it's the only one I can support. I leave it up to the community to provide localization files for specific versions and if they feel kind, they can leave links to those in the plugin discussion forum, as the SpigotMC site has no means to distributing optional files.
  12. There is a reported issue with the locale file loading that will be fixed in rc5
  13. If you have a github, people can perhaps contribute the yml files for locale there as unofficial contributions? :)
  14. I want to setup a Wiki. Something with bug reporting and unofficial files. Because TBH the editor for the pages on XenForo is for shit. Pardon my swearing. Considering github, but not sure if there is something better with upvoting issues.
  15. @axe32 I'm not certain I want to allow a permission to enable a functionality with the menu that basically adds duping.
  16. Having a permission to allow user to clone items in the auctionhouse, how is that even a thing? Please explain the use case for adding such a feature that in all accounts opens the menu to duplication through permission exploit? It really doesn't seem like something the majority of users would want or need in this plugin.
  17. I hope not, i vote no.
  18. Documentation in markdown on github is nice, can others offer suggestions to wiki changes, that you can merge? or is that only in pages in the repository?
  19. Players sometimes sell books, or shulker boxes, or paintings and I as an ADMIN have no way to actually check what is INSIDE — what is the text in that book, what is exactly in this shulker box, how painting looks like, etc. I have to BUY an item to check it.
    I ask you to add an ability to ADMINS to GET AN ITEM FROM AH WITHOUT BUYING to inspect it.
    Middle-click in creative gamemode is just one simple way to implement this feature without further UI changes.
    I don't see how it can be a «duping» issue if this is behind permission and I also don't understand what is this «permission exploit».