Spigot Auctions v2.5.0

An elegant auctioning solution that allows text tooltips for auctioned items

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    Auction - A simple yet elegant item auctioning plugin

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  2. danjb2000

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    Seems pretty cool. Will download this later and have a look at it.

    What makes it better than FloAuction for instance?
  3. The main difference that stands out is just the hovering over the item to see what's being auctioned. Versus floAuction it's a much cleaner solution as flo's messages can get quite big (as seen below)
    Asides from that, the plugin is still a fairly small project - if I get any requested features I'll be sure to add them to build up the usefulness of the plugin.
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  4. What about the ability to stop people in creative gamemode auctioning? Per world auctions would be good. Taxes? Tax percentages? Lang file? Other than that, it looks bloody amazing :)
  5. Stopping creative, taxes, and the messages.yml are all included. I'll check out per-world auctions and update it in the near future.

    The config.yml currently looks like this:
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  6. Noble Pro


    If this is good as floAuction and as lightweight as DumbAuction, I'll definitely use this over them.
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  7. this seems good, will try it out!
  8. This crashes me when I try to auction an item. :(
  9. CraftBay has an option that can allow specific groups to be exempt from taxes.
    EX: auction.notax
  10. Stacktrace, command, and info of the item please

    I'll get it in the next update
  11. Does this work with Bukkit/Spigot 1.6.4? and mods like FTB or atlauncher? Id love to use an auction program on my yogscast server. We tried floauction but whatisit doesnt seem to like FTB items.
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  13. I've only tested it on the Spigot platform, however I imagine it would also work with Bukkit (I've done no testing on versions lower than 1.7 so proceed with caution).

    As for modded servers, I have no idea. If it were to work I imagine any modded items would come up as "null" in the chat but would still show their attributes.
  14. I have found a bug where players that try to outbid other players get kicked from the server. I have not been about to actually duplicate it by myself, but it is happening to multiple players.
  15. This plugin changes the way someone auctions!

    Thanks so much! Keep up the good effort! ;)
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  16. I wasn't able to recreate any errors/kicks with 2 people spamming bids on the same item. Is there any error that occurs or any specific situation/item that it seems to happen with?

    Thanks for the support :)
  17. I have found a new bug in this plugin. Basically it happens when you do a odd number block like 70 blocks instead of 64. You will not receive the correct amount of items if you win the items or nobody has bought the auction. You can replicate the bug by auctioning 70 dirt, and nobody bidding on it. It will give you the incorrect amount.
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  18. @SainttX You should sell this... it's better than floauction :D
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  19. Wow, a huge bug that also needs to be fixed.

    Ok,basically what happened was I was messing around with auctions and decided to see what happened if you put an auction with negative value as the base value and someone bid a negative value.That worked fine and paid the person. Then I decided to see what would happen if I made the amount of items a negative number (example /auc start -1 100) and it basically insta-duped the item (the item was a raw chicken and I threw it away btw) . I assumed the item would disappear if the person who bought it did not have it. But that person did not have any raw chicken and it still remained in my inventory.Please fix this ASAP.

    Note : It cant be abused right now as someone else wanted to see if I was making it up or not and tried it and that auction sort of froze the entire auction plugin. (/auc info works but no timing limits come up and auctions cant be started.)

    tl;dr : Dupe glitch , please fix.

    Also a smaller bug that can be fixed. You cannot unignore auctions. http://gyazo.com/fc018c09f2a1b7a776702c01432004c1
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    Auction 0.0.7

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