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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by mg_1999, May 24, 2015.

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  1. My team and I have made a custom audio server, it runs in the browser and can be controlled from the server. It uses YouTube's API to stream the music.

    Is anyone interested in this kind of thing? And if you are, if I were to make this a premium resource, how much do you think is a reasonable amount to charge for such a thing? I'm curious for planning purposes.


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  2. I made something like this a few days ago for streaming my library at school in 30 minutes...
  3. But this is controlled from a Minecraft server which can give your server a new dimension
  4. Ohh, should've figured. I think I've seen something like that in the past, though it's probably long dead.
    If you present it properly, I can see this working as a premium resource. Why not go for it?
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  5. Because then it isn't really unique, if everyone has it. And we would like to know if it is appreciated.
  6. All you need is a netty server (which can easily be ported to use MC's netty, if any changes are even required) and use the client for the rest of the control part.

    I honestly don't see the value of selling it as a premium resource if this can be implemented in a matter of hours...
  7. Why has yet nobody done it than?
  8. probably because the majority of the bukkit devs haven't done any [client side] web development (or not much serious stuff aside basic HTML/CSS).

    I think a few people tried, but I'm not aware of any that have actual interaction (at the level of
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  9. Yeah this is pretty simple. You can try to publish it as a premium resource and see if someone buys it. I would not buy it though...
  10. I neeeeddd this plugin!!!
  11. I think only plugins are allowed as premium resources?
  12. Skripts

    You can make it a premium resource and opensource it.
  13. Thread is over half a year old, let it die in peace :p.

    @Minejkl there's a "Hiring - Developers" section for requesting plugins.
    @SystemUpdate_ well if you want to control web clients through a MC server, I'm going to assume (don't hold this against me, it's a very wild guess!) that you need a plugin to do this :p.
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