Spigot AudioConnect 1.4.0

Powerful audio engine to integrate dynamic server audio through a hosted web client

  1. I plan on it soon.
    The reason I didn't is because it currently requires WorldGuard v6.2 or higher which is compatible down to Bukkit v1.9
    I think I can make it compatible with older WorldGuard versions which would make it compatible with older Bukkit versions.
  2. Weasel_Squeezer updated AudioConnect with a new update entry:

    Fixed dependency issue and added compatibility for older WorldGuard versions

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  3. AudioConnect (version 1.2.6) is now compatible with Bukkit 1.8
  4. [​IMG]

    Any why to make this happen?
  5. Make sure the server address points to the same server you are verifying and that it is not behind a firewall or running on localhost. The <server-address> argument is the IP address or domain that players use to connect to your server.

    Edit: After checking the logs, I noticed you were using your server ID "xzdtuf33r5emfc6bpszjeg" as the server-address argument. the server ID is a unique identifier for your server and unrelated to the server-address, but I can see how those two could be confused. I'm going to update some of the language around the plugin to better differentiate the two.
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  6. Hey weasel, sorry I'm kinda new to spigot, didn't realise there's a discussion panel so I used the review for commenting. The plugin is working, there was nothing wrong with my config.yml, it was because my server was set to offline mode. I wonder, now that I have authenticated the server, can it run on offline mode? Next question is, I've added a song to test it out but after I do /ac connect, there's no song at all in the lists?
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  7. I think it can connect in offline mode and it can also connect if you run the server locally on your computer (localhost or in online mode. That way you can keep it in online mode while keeping the server offline or inaccessible from the outside (as long as you don't port forward).

    Once you add music you your account, you can use it in your WorldGuard regions or directly in commands. If you do "/ac list audio" you will see all the ID's for the audio you have added. You can then bind those ID's to your WorldGuard regions like:
    "/region flag some-region-id audio my-audio-id" and when you enter that region, it will play that audio in the web client. Only audio that is currently playing will show in the web client. You can also send the audio to be played directly with commands like:
    "/ac send Cookedbeefchops my-audio-id complementary" where "complementary" is the optional track-id.
    These things are better explained in the wiki which you can find here: https://github.com/DeadmanDungeons/AudioConnect/wiki
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  8. Suggestion:
    You could make event sounds so like when a player gets to combat a custom song plays on, same goes when it gets night or day, or even when you go to nether or the end, lastly you could add towny support.
  9. Combat triggered audio is something I will probably add in a future update. You could also implement that using the AudioConnect API.

    World day time triggered audio (day, night, morning, afternoon) is already implemented and easily configured. Audio for the nether, end, or any world for that matter is easily configured using the "__global__" WorldGuard region. You can figure out how to configure your WorldGuard regions in the wiki.

    If Towny uses WorldGuard, then you can just use the regions Towny creates.
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  10. whenever I try to upload a mp3 file it says 500 internal server error??
  11. So the error was due to a failure in displaying an input error message which was supposed to be "Audio identifier cannot be greater than 50 characters."
    So in the meantime, Just make sure the Audio ID field is short.
    I'll fix the underlying error right away. Thanks for letting me know!
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  12. Weasel_Squeezer updated AudioConnect with a new update entry:

    Improved List command and localization

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  13. I am trying to get this plugin working on my 1.12 server but every time I use /ac verify <ip-adress>
    I get this

    06.07 14:55:27 [Server] INFO The provided address did not verify as the public address for this server. Please make sure the address points to this server and is publicly accessible
    06.07 14:55:27 [Server] INFO Verifying the address with your account at minecraftaudio.com ...
    06.07 14:52:06 [Server] INFO Successfully connected to AudioConnect server!
    06.07 14:52:05 [Server] INFO Connecting to AudioConnect server [wss://minecraftaudio.com:3030/supplier] ...
    06.07 14:52:01 [Server] INFO Successfully connected to AudioConnect server!
    06.07 14:52:00 [Server] INFO Connecting to AudioConnect server [wss://minecraftaudio.com:3030/supplier] ...
    06.07 14:51:25 [Server] INFO Successfully connected to AudioConnect server! 06.07

    please help
  14. What is your Minecraft username? I am checking the logs, and I only see one attempt to verify a server address from the user "Astrid_Dragon". Is this you?
  15. yes my MC username is Astrid_Dragon