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    I was creating my network and I have a question.

    I've seen servers like LIBRECRAFT or other non-premium ones that have a logeo system, which when you finish using / login or / register, redirects you to the lobby

    Will someone please tell me how I can do that and / or what plugin is
    or directly from the AUTHME Commands..yml


    Estube creando mi network y tengo una duda.
    E visto servidores como LIBRECRAFT o otros no premium que tienen un sistema de logeo , el cual al terminar de usar /login o /register , te redirigue al lobby

    Habra alguien por favor que me diga como puedo hacer eso y/o que plugin es
    o directamente del AUTHME Commands..yml
  2. Under the hooks section in the authme config.yml

    # Do we need to hook with BungeeCord?
    bungeecord: true
    # Send player to this BungeeCord server after register/login
    sendPlayerTo: ''

    change the sendPlayerTo, to the server you want to send the server to.
  3. I found a plugin for my doubt and it is AUTHMEADDON
    What it does is Redirect the User once logged or LOGOED or registered

    Same thank you very much: 3