Aus DDoS protection and server specs

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  1. So few of me and my mates enjoy playing minecraft now and then along with other games. Figured ill buy a Dual X5650 (6 core 12 threads 2.66ghz - boost 3.1ghz) server, slap a few ssd and possible more ram (currently 32gb but plan to go 64gb). Now i currently just have windowns 10 pro installed (so it see both cpus) and running 4 x ark servers but wondering if i should install vmware and split it so each vitrual pc has a cpu and 32gb of ram or will minecraft be fine running on the same os ?

    secondly DDoS protection. Live in NZ have 1gb fiber and will be upgrading to the faster plans as soon as they roll out but as i host the server from home ($250 nzd all up for my server and worked out it cost $20-30nzd in power a month to run so farrrrr cheaper than buying to rent) i have 0 DDoS proection and not sure of the best way to go around it. Do not plan for the server to get massive but rather be safe than sorry. Un sure if i could just use cloudflare or something ? cheers
  2. CloudFlare only does HTTP unless you pay them $5k/mo. You'll want to buy a VPS located near to you with DDoS protection and set up a GRE tunnel on that to filter DDoS attacks out.

    You're super limited because of your location, your only option is really OVH Sydney
  3. yea it kind of sucks... But i mean atlest hardware is cheap here haha