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  1. Hello Spigot Communty,
    My Name is DrNangShot... As you all know...
    I have a youtube channel that I would like to exxcel again. I need your help tho.
    I am willing to record tutorial videos and gameplay videos. (On any good server)
    I hope I can be a help to small servers.
    Currently I have 45 subs:
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  2. Is there a particular gamemode you enjoy?
  3. Not Really, But I do love survival games (Anything PVP)
  4. What about a Roleplay City?
  5. Oooo... Sounds interesting... I'm willing to try it, :)
  7. I have joined what is your username?
  8. You should do a series on my server. :p
  9. Sure :p
    Wait.... I already have stats on your server....
  10. I can reset them if you want... :p
    Just an idea by the way. :D
  11. I'll pm you later. I may have an idea for ya.
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  12. Still Offering Videos!!!
    Im Really Board and need some videos!!!
  13. My server is called
  14. Still Offering...
    Bumpity Bump Bump Bumpy
  15. I have a SMP server but I am still working on it, maybe I will let you know on it soon? ;) ^^
  16. I own a server with a gamemode which is something like a combination of CSGO and CoD. PM me for more info if you are interested.
  17. I own a server that is opening in a week and would like for you to record before we open, please PM me a easy way to contact you
  18. Here you go, heres my ip :