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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by shoker137, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. I always see Bungee-friendly auth plugins and I aulways ask myself: is it important to support bungee for auth plugin?
    I just can create an auth plugin for my auth server and control everything throw my auth server or i'm wrong?
    So I can always rerdirect players to auth server (as all auth plugins do) and it will check the papssword and session from config.

    So why do I need to create a plugin for bungee for my auth system?
  2. If you don't integrate it into bungee or have some kind of centralized session server, people would have to re-enter their password everytime they swap server on the Bungee.

    Then again, actually supporting the game by not using cracked is also an option.
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  3. I mean always redirect when joining the server. Players won't go to auth server while playing on bungee server. They will be redirected when they join the bungee server to compare session time or register/login.
  4. Not if you use a plugin like AuthMeBridge
  5. For example we have 2 servers on bungee. First is Auth, second is Lobby.
    When player joins bungee he will be redirected to auth. So he will never join Lobby without joining Auth sever. And I think using bungee and auth plugin for each server (for Lobby and every else) is useless.
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  6. You can put the default server on "login" and in the config of authme, redirect the player to the server "lobby" when connected
  7. I mean something like this. But I'm talking not about AuthMe exactly. I want to make my own auth plugin and I need to know do I need to make bungee addon like other auth plugins do.
  8. Yes, I can. But I want to know what for is it (using Bungee for auth plugin).
  9. To send data by message. For example, the user was authorized and this was transferred to all servers without using any other databases
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