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  1. Hi,

    When i use authme and bungeecord you can before you login do /server <servername> but i want that they first have to login before they can do that.

    Is this possible?

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  2. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Remove the permissions for /server in the BungeeCord config and resort to things like portals/teleport signs.
  3. jeff142


    who cares? they still cant do anyting
  4. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Depending on whether they have authentication on the other servers, the player can bypass the login procedure making the point of authentication pointless.
  5. jeff142


    Well, with Xauth sessions do pass, meaning that you dont have to login with server moves (all xauth on same DB)
    Seams like the easy way to do it, and has worked for me for months
  6. Thanks, For the info.
    It's works now!