AuthMe and Stats LAAAGS

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  2. There is another plugin called xauth.
    I'm not sure if you can convert the Authme Database to the Xauth Database.
  3. is there any way without changing plugin? May be some special config to take off the lag functionality?
  4. joehot200


    I can see nothing you can do. I know that xAuth gives me much better timings than that, but as you dont want to switch there really isnt anything you can change in the AuthMe config, or anywhere else.

    Try popping the maker of AuthMe a PM. See if he can help you.
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    A lot of Auth plugins will give bad timings due to the fact they must cancel so many events as well as utilise the player login event each time.
  6. and it's not even use all resources of server only 10% CPU (in moments of lag CPU usage is fall down to 0%) and 15% of RAM: Intel® Core™ i7-2600k, 2 x 3TB HDD SATA 3, 16GB DDR3.

    what is wrong why it not use more resources?
  7. Xauth is perfectly fine. It is only using up 0.8 out of 20 ticks.
    Authme was using nearly 3.
  8. It has hardly using any of the tick? Average Players: 29.32 - Average TPS: 19.90 You have a 20tps with 29 players on which is fine.