AuthMe Insufficient Permissions

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  1. Hi guys everything was working just fine until I installed AuthMe on my spigot 1.12 server. I donwloaded the correct version too and don't have any errors in the config but I know it's AuthMe. Couldn't find anything on google either. I'm opped, and in the owner group with authme.admin.* and when I run commands like /spawn, /list, etc. it says "Insufficient permissions". Any solutions? Here's my config:

    [Edit] Ugh I removed AuthMe and it still says insufficient permissions. Haven't even touched LuckPerms. Does that mean I have to re-do all my permissions because they were overwritten?
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  2. This basically means it isn't AuthMe nor is it LuckPerms' fault. Send us your plugin list and what the "Insufficient Permission" message looks like exactly.