Spigot AuthMe 2.0

A 2FA solution for your servers

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  2. Notes:
    - Do not write stacktraces in reviews. There is an issue section for a reason.
    - This script requires ZERO dependencies (with the exception of Skript.jar itself).
    - This script has been tested with 0 errors on Skript version 2.2 on MC CraftBukkit version 1.8.8.
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    Overhaul of existing system

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  4. Hey guys, I just wanted to provide a brief update of how this script is being updated.
    I have multiple developer versions on my laptop right now, in which half are uploaded to my GitHub, available for download. Here are the following things that I aim to do before releasing v2.1:
    • Check that the script works for all versions of Minecraft that Skript and its dependencies can reliably support. (As of 7.4.2020, versions 1.8 and 1.14 are supported
    • Attempt to limit the number of dependencies to three. As of right now, this script has four dependencies (as of 7.4.2020, I added the skQuery-lime dependency for the update reminder system to function, but this may be removed in a future version for convenience).
    • Implement more checks to close loopholes and limit accidental triggers of the 2FA commands.
    • Optimize the current 2FA system into a function. << It didn't optimize the script that much.
    • OP commands were intended for console usage only. This is so that opped players that played in-game won't necessarily be able to abuse the feature. However, it has been discovered that ops can still register commands and can potentially reset or override other players' 2FAs, so I am working on a fix ready by v2.1 that limits the executor to console only.
    Thank you for your support!
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  5. Thank you for all the downloads. I would like to make an update to the post made above. After doing more thorough research into implementing a QR code system to immediately enter in credentials without copying and pasting from a JSON, I have decided to implement it despite the fact that there are security risks involved in using a QR system to set up 2FA on an authentication app. I have linked a StackOverflow thread to how the script's QR setting works and the associated security risks by using it. Server administrators have the option to toggle a configurable option between using QR and the JSON for the server.

    Because of the additional time required to script this, I have decided to push back adding QR support to a later version of AuthMe (that is not v2.1; I imagine seeing QR support in v3.0). Please continue to use v2.0 of authme.sk; expect an update coming in the next couple of days!

    Thank you for your support!
  6. Hello. Does this plugin support Minecraft 1.15.2?
    Will there be support for this version?
  7. Hello,
    Thank you for your response. I will most likely be making a version that supports recent versions of Minecraft that does not rely on Skript v2.2 and release it as some other version on this page. Please stay tuned!
  8. All,
    I will still be working on this resource. However, all future versions and updates will now be announced on skUnity and GitHub. Thank you for your support!
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