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  1. Code (Text):

    [03:16:01] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 0/INFO]: [AuthMe] Downloading GEO IP database, because the old database is older than 30 days or doesn't exist
    [03:16:01] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 0/WARN]: [AuthMe] No MaxMind credentials found in the configuration file! GeoIp protections will be disabled.
    [03:16:01] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 0/INFO]: [AuthMe] There is no newer GEO IP database uploaded to MaxMind. Using the old one for now.
    [03:16:01] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 0/WARN]: [AuthMe] Could not download GeoLiteAPI database [FileNotFoundException]: plugins\AuthMe\GeoLite2-Country.mmdb (The system cannot find the file specified)
    Code (Text):

    [03:17:49] [Server thread/INFO]: This server is running Paper version git-Paper-143 (MC: 1.15.2) (Implementing API version 1.15.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    [03:17:49] [Server thread/INFO]: Checking version, please wait...
    [03:17:50] [Thread-10/INFO]: You are running the latest version
    [03:18:44] [Server thread/INFO]: AuthMe version 5.6.0-SNAPSHOT-b2385
    [03:18:44] [Server thread/INFO]: The first authentication plugin for the Bukkit API!
    [03:18:44] [Server thread/INFO]: Website:
    [03:18:44] [Server thread/INFO]: Authors: Xephi, sgdc3, DNx5, timvisee, games647, ljacqu and Gnat008
    How can I fix? Thanks for your help.
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    why not using spigot?
  3. It's just geo-ip warning. Look at the config - everything is described there.
    Because 1.15.2.
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    get this for 1.15.2 here
  5. I mean, on 1.15.2 it's just impossible to handle good TPS on mid-range CPU with Spigot.
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    oh Okay
  7. I looked but couldn't find it. Would you look and tell me?
  8. Protection.geoIpDatabase
  9. Ok but how can I disable it?
    Code (Text):

        # Enable some servers protection (country based login, antibot)
        enableProtection: false
        # Apply the protection also to registered usernames
        enableProtectionRegistered: false
            # The MaxMind clientId used to download the GeoIp database,
            # get one at
            # The EssentialsX project has a very useful tutorial on how to generate
            # the license key:
            clientId: ''
            # The MaxMind licenseKey used to download the GeoIp database.
            licenseKey: ''
        # Countries allowed to join the server and register. For country codes, see
        # Use "LOCALHOST" for local addresses.
        - AZ
        - BG
        - TR
        # Countries not allowed to join the server and register
        countriesBlacklist: []
        # Do we need to enable automatic antibot system?
        enableAntiBot: true
        # The interval in seconds
        antiBotInterval: 5
        # Max number of players allowed to login in the interval
        # before the AntiBot system is enabled automatically
        antiBotSensibility: 10
        # Duration in minutes of the antibot automatic system
        antiBotDuration: 10
        # Delay in seconds before the antibot activation
        antiBotDelay: 60
            # Kicks the player that issued a command before the defined time after the join process
            denyCommandsBeforeMilliseconds: 1000
  10. Ignore it or follow the tutorial.