Bungee - Proxy AuthmeAddon - Teleport Lobby after login 1.1

When player are logged he has teleported to Lobby server

  1. Lo Vere e.e Si Esta Chulo Saco Un Tutorial :V
  2. In English please ?
  3. not reading the plugin
  4. Not longer required with Authme 5.2 ;)
  5. What do you mean?
  6. AuthMe 5.2 will include this feature ;)
  7. will or includes?
  8. Includes, but only on latest dev builds.
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  9. Could you change server name to hub ?
  10. You can rename your server for Lobby it's too easy
  11. Thats what I did but still.
  12. Theres a bug.
    If player is registred with name Test and hes attempting to login with test he will be automatically redricted to the lobby and auth server console says that player was kicked because of this but in the end you dont have to login.
    Please fix this.
  13. I don't have this bug :eek:
  14. Sorry, I found out that it was BungeeKick that caused this. Everything works fine now.
    Once again sorry.
  15. The Plugin not work :(

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  16. Helo, do i need a seperate for this or just put it into my lobby and done