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Fun login security for every server

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    AuthPin - Fun login security for every server

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  2. Few suggestions:
    1. Add an option to disable the authitem completely and just force login when joining.
    2. If you fail to login correctly after so many tries it will kick you with a custom message.
    3. Two separate spawns one for people who haven't logged in and one for people who have so once you log in it will teleport you. (I think this is added but not sure)
    4. MySQL database to store passwords?
    5. Add an option maybe to use letters for your pin if possible.
    6. Add titles and actionbar notifications for when you successfully log in or fail too and register.
    7. If you stay on the server too long without logging in it will kick you.
    8. Add a way so you can disable your pin being entered for like 1 week before having to enter it again.
    9. Allow ops to bypass the login system.
    10. Add a firework on successful register!
    11. Add particles on successful login.
    12. Allow us to change inventory size and items inside inventory including the placeholders.
  3. 1. I already added an option to disable the authitem completely :) what about force logging in? what's the point I didn't get it.
    2. Yeah working for it already thinked about
    3. I have only one spawn just for the people who haven't logged in adding the other one
    4. Yes planning on it also
    5. Having a letters would do too many items and gui but I'm sure I'll put an effort on it
    6. I like the titles more but for some reason I also need action bar to notify player to /login if they aren't registered or /register if they haven't already
    7. Probably thanks for that I missed that.
    8. I think I need it please elaborate this one :).
    9. I think that's a worst idea for cracked servers because they can also use the ops account but in online mode it's cool if I say so, but I think I might add this but customizable.
    10 - 11. Yeah that would be awesome
    12. Yes only on config I think.

    Appreciate I'm on it now.
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  4. @Swiftlicious I hope you'll wait I will update the plugin with your suggestion single a day.
  5. I can wait ;)
  6. well I have an extra time tomorrow after the game I could finish them all maybe except MysQl and The customizable inventory another tomorrow I suppose :)
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  7. [​IMG]

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  8. Suggestion: Save the Pins as hashs (for example SHA-256) instead of saving them as number, which can be a real security risk.
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  9. I'll keep that on mind thanks for suggesting I'm working with sql atm also can you give me an example about the risk? or a instance.
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  10. @Swiftlicious the rest of update will be made later :) you may now work with mysql.
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  11. While your at it I have one more suggestion :D
    add a sound when you are entering your password? Like each item click it will trigger a sound.
  12. a sure thing as long as you all enjoy it :)
  13. forgot to tell you may now use /auth setspawn, spawn, delspawn <login or loginafter> :)
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  14. I saw the update <3
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