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Automatically Pickup Blocks

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    Auto Block Pickup - Automatically Pickup Blocks

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  2. I have a question. Can I allow player to auto pickup for example diamond, not diamond_ore?
  3. If you put DIAMOND_ORE into the config it should give the player diamonds when they mine the block. I will test that though.
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    Ore's fixed

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  5. if ((player.hasPermission("apb.allow")) || (player.isOp())) {
    Block block = e.getBlock();

    Does this mean that you have to be OP in able to use auto inventory. Because players on my server that are not op aren't able to use it.
  6. No, they can also have the permission 'apb.allow' the '||' is classed in the English word 'or' by Java.
  7. Weird that it wouldn't work on the server.
  8. why REDSTONE_ORE doesn't go into inventory?
  9. I give abp.allow permission to players but only OP's can take items. This is not working for players!

    -Edit: You did the permission wrong. The working one is apb.allow
    it worked when I give apb.allow to players!
    Fix that :D
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