Bukkit Auto Chest Seller | Reduces Hoppers by 70% 2.6

Automatically sell Grinder items by pumping them into 1 chest and not 100+ holder chests

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    AutoChestSeller LITE | Reduces Hoppers by 70% - Automatically sell Grinder items by pumping them into 1 chest and not 100+ holder chests

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    AntiDupe Class Added + Better Handling

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  3. But if you look at the plugin from a Players Point of View.. that is the whole point of factions and Survival.. you Loot things.. and if there is nothing to loot then why play?

    Great idea.
  4. The whole point of factions is to make grinders, money and raid. Grinders can cause lag when servers have like 2k loaded hoppers working at once, this basically turns 2k loaded hoppers into 100.

    I guess its a matter of opinion if it affects game play, personally my players don't see it the way you do, believe it or not but spending 1 hour a day grabbing items from a chest and doing /sellall isn't exactly fun gameplay.
  5. I Agree on that. but the plugin Only goes to the player itself (1 player) am i correct to assume this?
    If it goes to the Faction, Not all the players Helped out with the Creation of the Farm. so the best would be adding a System that shows how many blocks the player placed in the Faction Claims, then Divide that to Share with the Rest of the players, and the Players of the Faction System get a percentage on how much they helped.

    The Founder of the Faction or Base, can then choose who to be removed or be added.
    as for Survival They would just need to add 1 player.
    Well this would be a cool feature to add.

    Maybe a GUI System would also help listing the players when you right click the Sign or chest.
    just an idea.
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    Colour code support added

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  7. Can you add 1.8+ support please?
  8. I have no plans to support extremely dated versions, 1.8 support would take a lot of code for little to no reward. I'd advise just updating to a more up to date server version.
  9. That really sucks considering most factions servers are going to stick around 1.7 - 1.8 to avoid the combat update.
  10. I will look into it, i'd need to change a lot of the core since as of right now 1.8-1.10 breaks my core + antidupe methods.
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  11. questions does the money go into your balance? what happens if you hit the max bal does it just keep losing money?

    also good idea but what if people want to have a massive storage to make it into blocks? Since i run a skyblock server people use them to gain loads of levels and if they sell and just buy the blocks its wasting more money so they would most likely keep the storage's but it is a neat idea i might try.
  12. The money does go into the persons balance yes, basically it creates a transaction to give the player money, if for some reason the transaction fails.. for example the person cannot receive anymore money nothing happens and the chest will just collect items until full since the autoseller is disabled.

    In regards to your askyblock level system, I guess. Personally I would rather my players gain levels in ways which doesn't put a strain on the server, aka placing a diamond block. Having 300 loaded chests, all of which are connected to hoppers. You could argue that the benefit of keeping players on longer to afk auto-sell, the money gained could be used to buy diamonds and spam askyblock levels that way.

    Basically depends on how much you value server performance, this plugin may not be for everyone. Its designed to reduce the amount of hoppers/chests needed, doesn't really work if having a load of chests loaded in a chunk has more value than the chests themselves. (is levels)
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