Spigot Auto-Elytra 2.0

Auto flying elytra and chestplate switcher

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    Auto-Elytra - Auto flying elytra and chestplate switcher

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  2. Hi, when I install your plugin, no "AutoElytra" type files appear in the server files, and I can't change the config file. Please fix it. About the plugin itself I can say that it is very good.:)
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  4. It's impossible to make this work with offhand on MCPE for the simple fact you can't place most items in the offhand.
    Could you possibly add a function to allow this plugin to check the first inventory slot for armor / elytra or something?
    I'm also using an elytra launcher that allows you to jump high while wearing it, it'd be nice if I could do something similar though that's a lot to ask.
    If you've ever tried to double jump + firework on MCPE you'd understand why I use the launcher plugin.