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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by upwindman, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. upwindman


    So I had a few of my players say they got fly on my server 1 server from joining through the hub.

    Server1 is on 1.13.2 paper spigot
    Hub is on Waterfall 1.14x

    Picture of his screen ( He was on 1.14) joining a 1.13.2 server with 1.14 support

    Plugins on Hub

    Plugins on Server1

    Not sure what could be causing the cross server fly enabled?

    Will pay to get this resolved
  2. I many not be able to help you , but I'll try.

    Are those player able to access to the /fly command?
    Or they just have fly and can't do /fly?
  3. upwindman


    So apparently it happens when they jump off my hub and join server1.

    That's how they ma
    No one has access to /fly at all (Hub and Server1)
  4. Hmmm... check LiteJoin.
  5. Are those "You do not have access to that command" messages being fired automatically right after "Set fly mode..." message or is that him/her trying to execute a command manually?

    When you say cross server, do you mean

    when they join through HUB to Server1 they have FLY on your Server1 and just on Server1
    once they have gotten FLY on Server1 and then go back to HUB they have FLY there as well?

    And how do you go about disabling it manually? If you are doing that in the first place.
  6. You might want to make sure that default players don't have the "" permission.