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premium auto login and Fix premium UUID on offline servers! And more!

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    Auto-In - Fix premium UUID on offline server, and auto-login!

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  2. Will you add bungee support? Cause your plugin is really great and it is exactly what i need :)

    Is there a way for the plugin to work on a offline server and to check the "online-mode" status from
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  3. My plugin depend on online-mode, in bunnge-cord you must use offline-mode.

    Bunngecord have some own system to check premium?
    I never "study" code of bunnge :p And I don't see anything... And... to enable all features of that plugin, some code must be only in bunnge, and some in every server, so that will be much harder :p

    I have code to create plugin for bunnge, that will check premium, but it fails when many players want join in one time :p

    So I don't add bungee support - it's much harder and I even don't have idea how to start :/ mojang code it's much easier, in bunnge I don't even see any place where it check premium.
  4. So if i switch bungee to offline mode and auth server to online, the plugin will work properly? If that is what you mean, it will be enough for me. Thanks for the quick reply.
  5. eeem about:
    I only mean that bungee use offline-mode for other servers connected to it.
    My plugin can't work on bungee, it's only for normal servers :<
  6. Bungee server has online/offline mode, but the bukkit/spigot servers must be offline.
    Even if MC servers are in offline mode, but your bungee server is in online mode you will get the real uuid.

    I'm not a coder but I think it can be done to work with bungee as well.

    Nice plugin, hope to see it for bungee.
  7. meh...
    OK, I create it for bungee, but that can take some time :p
    Force login no-premium to premium bungee is easy... very easy, but add all that features and API... and synchronize it between servers - that will be hard :D

    And that must be separate plugin :<
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  8. I don't think you should sync anything between servers.
    Most of the offline bungee servers have the auth plugin only in the lobby server.
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  9. Awesome plugin!
    Why didn't @md_5 implant something like this in the first place?
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  10. Great plugin, i will be using it asap :) now i have a normal server, so if i start using it and something for bungee is released, will i be able to use it when i start using bungee or should i wait? Thanks :D
  11. But adding new exceptions from API and script must be send to main plugin on bunnge :p
    And that still must be sync, because if I add that only for bungee, then auto-login will not work on lobby :p

    You must wait for second plugin - port to bungee and update of this plugin - for support bungee and this ported plugin.

    I will create It, but I don't know when - I have some other things to do :p
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  12. Good luck on it, I was trying to find out how the premium system works but guess not... xD
  13. But if a cracked players joins the server he gets a UUID? And is that UUID based on the nickname or on the IP?
  14. meh, UUID works like in normal minecraft:
    - premium get own UUID from mojang servers - like in online-mode server
    - no-premium get UUID from nickname, generated from nickname like in minecraft-server source code. (this same method) - like in offline-mode server

    UUID from IP will be stupid :D some people can have this same IP
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  15. I'm not 100% sure if this is right, but if an offline player trys to login as a player who is premium it'll display "Failed to verify username!"?
  16. it's not a bug! it's a feature! (seriously)
    The only way to allow user like this join to server is add it to exceptions.

    And I can't change it - if I remove that, then every player will be like no-premium.
  17. There might be a bug with the use{insert auth plugin here} I have logit set to true and it still makes premium members have to use the login feature.
  18. Hyym, any errors (on start or login)? with version of Craftbukkit/Spigot you have?
    Players is in config somewhere?
    Paste configuration here, and try restart your server (not /reload) and then check "useLogIt" status.
    Any scripts using my events?
    Or if you have ProtocolLib, then update it to newest version.

    I tested it on LogIt, AuthMe, xAuth and CB for 1.7.2, 1.7.5, 1.7.9 and works fine ;/
  19. No errors on startup.

    Code (Text):
    # Welcome in configuration file of my plugin! :> some info:
    #     useLogIt/useAuthme/useXAuth: plugin used to auto-login players with premium - LogIt is the best :>
    #     autoProtect: if you enable that, then every no-premium user will be saved, and if someone buy premium for that nickname - that will be still account of that no-premium user, but if player use correct password - then will be updated to premium user. (don't work with xAuth)
    #     exceptions: players from that list will be logged as no-premium, even if nickname is premium - use that to protect some players!
    #     enabledLogin: Players from that list must login even if they have premium.
    #     offlineWhiteListEnabled: enable white-list for no-premium players, if true then only players from that list can join to server. (works only for no-premium, premium can join even if is in list)
    #     offlineWhiteList: white-list.
    #     offlineBlackList: Players from that list can't join to server (works only for no-premium, premium can join even if is in list) RASIZM! :P
    #  This plugin contains special functions for 'Skript' plugin, list of it:
    #     player (is|has) [not] premium
    #     player is [not] exception
    #     player has [not] enabledLogin
    #     player is [not] whitelisted
    #     player is [not] blacklisted
    #     player add to blacklisted
    #     player remove from blacklisted
    #     player add to enabledLogin
    #     player remove from enabledLogin
    #     player add to exceptions
    #     player remove from exceptions
    #     disable premium for player
    #     enable premium for player
    #     remove premium for player
    #     player add to whitelisted
    #     player remove from whitelisted
    #     enable AutoIn whitelist
    #     disable AutoIn whitelist
    #     on force login:
    #             Skript support added by: Dzikoysk
    debug: true
    useAuthme: false
    useLogIt: true
    useXAuth: false
    autoProtect: false
    offlineWhiteListEnabled: false
    - BukkitSmerf
    - Notch
    - jeb_
    - CaptainSpartlez
    - Cath
    - Alexis
    - Yive
    - catherinecool
    - Spawl
    - mignones
    - jandersun
    - ToxicWulf
    - Birdwatch
    - bellis2012
    - 35bday
    - calumgiff1997
    - sandraeatscake
    - craftdude01
    - infinityMC1999
    - Queen_wolf3
    - 601397
    - Miinecrafts_5302
    - sebproud
    - Danalicious17
    - Tyamet5434
    - buildersaurus
    - _Tempus
    - papermage
    - Lohengreen
    - BukkitSmerf
    - BukkitSmerf
    noPremiumList: []
    Spigot -> 1.7.9 build 1472
    ProtoclLib -> 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT
  20. Amazing! (i think you're the first one who releases this type of plugin) <3

    Question: Can you make it possible that when an offline-mode player tries to join under a premium name, it shows a custom message that i chose, instead of displaying the standard "wrong session / restart client" message?

    Thank You Very Much! :cool:

    EDIT: I've noticed that a lot of offline-mode players can't join the server, while their name is not in use by a premium/legitimate user :S

    To make it even more weird/awkward: I tested it under an offline-mode client, myself and for me it worked fine :confused:

    I'm running SpigotMC 1.7.9-R0.2 #1482
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