Universal Auto-In abandoned

premium auto login and Fix premium UUID on offline servers! And more!

  1. try use 2.0-fix.1 version for some time, I will upload update, but not now :p
  2. thanks
    keep up the good work, awesome plugin you have here
  3. Please add bungee support i need it for my network
  4. Amazing plugin, but...
    Please add bungeecord support ;D
  5. we want BungeeCorde version bungeeCorde bungeeCorde ye
    and please make so people need to pay this plugin
    because to meany kids have servers and they to much adversting on other servers
    all plugin need to be for money min 5 doalras
  6. 1. I don't want to do a paid resource.
    2. This project can be not allowed as Paid (like adding 1.8 blocks to 1.7). (Bukkit.org and sponge even don't want this plugin on theirs websites)

    This plugin is (and will be) for free.
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  7. Hey ,

    I switched recently to LogIt and its MUCH faster then Authme. So im happy i switched.

    The only downside is that when i enable the waiting room in logit. Premium players always login and spawn back at the waiting room point.

    Cracked players go back to where they were just fine.
  8. What version of AutoIn you have?
    That bug was fixed in 2.0

    check if you have PlayerJoinEvent set to LOWEST in your configuration
  9. One tiny suggestion would be to find a person who's english is properly good (no offense intended) and fix up all the messages.
    Also.. Why not make this plugin paid but for a reasonable price? It seems to be rather unique to me. And not just that, also has good support
  10. Im using this version: (i copied it from the console logs)

    [AutoIn_BukkitSmerf] Loading AutoIn_BukkitSmerf v2.0.3

    and the playerjoinevent is set to lowest.
  11. Can't confirm, my premium player is always in place where he was before logout (I using waiting room), add move info:
    - Version of LogIt
    - Configuration of AutoIn
    - Version of CraftBukkit/Spigot/Forge
    - Maybe logs from server start and when premium player join to server.

    Easy to say :p
    And before new year this project will have new dev/leader, I want to end up with a Minecraft/Bukkit all that stuff.
    Maybe he/she will be better :D

    This plugin is free... And will be free as long as it's mine. (or longer)

    I think that some people here want make it paid because they currently downloaded it, and they want stop other people from downloading it :(
    Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see any reason to make it paid.
  12. I could pay for it if it was to go premium, I am just saying that it's worthy of the status in my opinion.
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  13. [01:18:51 INFO]: [AutoIn/BukkitSmerf] Found player that isn't in plugin memory! Did you /reload server? Or use late-bind: false? (this is default option of spigot! Please change it to true!)
    [01:18:51 INFO]: [AutoIn/BukkitSmerf] If you don't reload server and use late-bind: true, tell me about that error! (include log file)

    Yes, I did do late-bind : true in spigot.yml
    I did not do /reload at all.

    And at the end it is still requiring my premium to do /login
    -> I didn't even touch the config.
  14. paste logs form server start

    @ZwPBerserk What about your problem?
  15. I don't want only that part, I must know If you have any plugins that can affect my plugin, version of spigot.
    Maybe some scripts/plugins that are using my API?
    And that error... it's only when premium player join? or any? or only cracked? or random?

    I must have that information to try reproduce that problem -> without that, I can't fix it.
  16. YeY, I fixed editor, so I can edit deception :D

    I added small info about future of that project, and removed donations buttons.
  17. I can take over the plugin for you.