Auto kick by spamming

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  1. Hi, everytime a player spam in the chat with text/commands it kicks him for the reason "kicked for spamming"

    its not from a plugin, ive checked it already - its from the minecraft.
    idk how to disable it, ive tried to search plugins / permissions to give to the players and nothing works,
    what should i do ? theres must be a way to fix that,

    ops can spam without getting a kick but ofc i wont give everyone op but is there a certain permission for that?
    or a plugin that disable the auto kick thing ?
    ive tried this one ->

    but nothing changed .. can you guys please help me with that?
  2. Hello, have you tried to see if it is a bungeecord plugin? Or have you tried to remove all plugins from your server and do tests?
  3. What version of the game? What version of spigot? Regardless of these two informations, I can ASSURE you that pure vanilla minecraft is not kicking anyone for "Chat spamming" in any of their versions using the default unmodified configs.
  4. 1.15.1

    but it doesnt matter, ive checked it rn on a vanilla server and i swear to god it kicked me as well for spamming.
    server without any plugins, a 1.15.1 vanilla server.

    this thing is built in on minecraft but how can i disable it? is there any plugin that disable it ?
  5. Just uploaded this quick plugin
  6. Hey, I know this thread is old but as the author of this plugin mentioned here I wanted to add, that it should now also work in your case. In the past it only removed the "disconnect.spam" kick specifically, but now it also removes the newer "Kicked for spamming" kick in the newer minecraft versions by default. If for any reason the kick reason is something completely different, you can also add your own reason to the config.json file.

    The config contains a list of disabled reasons, make sure that it contains "Kicked for spamming":
    Code (YAML):
     "disabled_reasons": [
        "disconnect spam",
        "Kicked for spamming"
    Regards, blue!