Auto restart after crashing (hosted server) [Solved]

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by yorik100, May 16, 2016.

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  1. Hi, I'm searching for a for hosted minecraft servers, because everytime it crash I need to restart by myself and it's very annoying for players. My server's main file for start : spigot-1.8.8.jar
    (I want to restart after 1 min of crash)
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  2. ownage hosting
    bisect hosting

    or the best of them all
    that was a joke.
  3. Not that, I just want a for an hosted server... I've already a server, but I don't have a and someone told that it's a different for hosted servers
  4. o, can you install / edit your current ?
  5. I don't have any at the moment, and never tried it
  6. Are you running a VPS/Dedi, or are you using shared hosting?
  7. VPS I think
  8. Okay, you must have a file
    and to run it you use "sh" ?
  9. I don't have, when my server crash I get Startup script './' does not exist! Stopping server.
  10. Oh, so how do you start your server..?
  11. I press start button on the website
  12. So you use multicraft?
  13. Maybe, I don't know what is that so...
  14. Does it say multicraft in the top left?
  15. yes
  16. So you use Shared Hosting.

    There is no way to edit your start file, however you can contact your host by making a ticket and requesting the add an auto restart code into your file.

    Just sent this:

    Hi there, when my server crashes/I restart it, I get this " './' does not exist! Stopping server."
    Please can you add something that fixes this, and when my server goes down, it automatically restarts.
    Thank you - <your name>
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  17. But it launch after a crash, it's not that, the problem is that I don't have, it try to launch it but it's missing
  18. That's why you should make a ticket to your hosting provider; use the one I sent.
    Edit it accordingly
  19. ty
  20. No problem, please mark the thread as solved and lock it :p
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