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  1. Is there a plugin out there at when you throw Experience Bottle, it automatically goes to that person who threw instead of creating entities on the floor?
  2. oh wait. i get an error when killing a mob. doesnt work.
  3. I can't vouch for the plugin, I just did a quick google search and that was one of the first links.
  4. ok, i understand. thanks anyways.
  5. I could make this, how many xp in a bottle? If u have the patient to wait until sunday, i can make it for free for you
  6. That would be amazing!
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  8. It should. If it didn't tell me and I will fix
  9. you should make a new resource about this.
  10. Did it work?
  11. havent tried it yet. Have to be honest, im not 100% sure if its not a virus, you should add it as a resource. Im sure other people would find it useful as well.
  12. Lmao, it's not a virus and I don't think they check for viruses in free resources anyway. There's no approval delay that I know of. I might post it later. Not at PC right now.
  13. clip


    It isn't malicious. Haven't tested it but it won't harm your computer or server as far as anything shady.
  14. lol sorry, yes it seems to work in 1.7. would it be possible to add this to mobs, breaking blocks, and obviously XP bottles?
  15. I'll look into it when I can. :)
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