Spigot AutoBanHardcore 2020-11-09

A plugin that detects when you die, and executes a temporary ban

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    AutoBanHardocre - A plugin that detects when you die, and executes a temporary ban

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  2. working on fixing a bug where your inventory gets kept on death and also dropped, fix should be up in an hour or so
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  4. Questions/suggestions:
    - Is it possible to add multiple, different (random) custom messages for the ban messages, with easy "&" coloring?
    - A max ban length in config?
    - A reseter option in config, where after x seconds passes, the "# of deaths" counter gets reset for a player back to 0
    - # of "graces", where [say] the first 2 deaths do not give a ban.
    - grace-reset-time, where after x seconds 1 grace (life) is given back
    - grace-message: a customizable message that shows that a grace life was used like- "You used up a 1 out of 2 lives. Die 1 more time and you are temporarily ejected from the server and unable to enter.."

    Love it so far! ;)
  5. Most of these sound doable, give me like a week to work on it and I should have it done!
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  6. Love this, just need a config where I can edit the time and messages and it'll be perfect, I'd like every death to add 30 minutes on my server.

    EDIT: Also a way to alter a players ban time.
  7. Major feature request: A configurable timer that resets a players death count after a certain amount of time, my players have been asking for this
  8. Just updating cuz I know I told you I’d have it finished in a week, my part time job started assigning me a lot of hours out of nowhere cuz of holidays, and I recently found out I’m moving to Alaska so I’ve had like no free time, might be able to work on it in a month or so but I can’t make any promises sorry
  9. Since I'm a bit new to must of this, but does this work on hardcore servers too?

    Just have to make sure. Thanks!
  10. Plugin doesn;t work on spigot 1.16.4 and 1.16.5. The author is rude
  11. You actually deserve rude replies...