Spigot AutoBlock 1.3.0

save your inventory space by auto blocking.

  1. vk2gpz submitted a new resource:

    AutoBlock - save your inventory space by auto blocking.

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  2. wait does this need token enchant? why do you need to add it to potions: if it has its own commands?

    looks good hopefully i can replace my old one with this one
  3. no, you don't need TE, that was mistake.
  4. Thank you so much, i sent you a donation to show my appreciation =)

    slight problem however it isn't blocking anything for me... does it check if u have the backpack thing and if not only count your main inv or is it requiring me to have the backpack plugin too?
  5. oh, did you add "autoblock.use" permission node?
  6. yeah i did
  7. any errors in your console log?
  8. nope i even turned on debugging on th emodbut it isnt outputting anything
  9. is your inventory full?
  10. when do you wish to "trigger" blocking process?
  11. yes its full... somethign in every slot... and all the redstone dusts are at 64.. there is some room for arrows on an arrow stack but i dont think that would effect anything?
  12. ideally when every slot has somethign in it
  13. ??, it's working here.
  14. what is your server version?
  15. join my discord (https://discord.gg/t98CsH)
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    added new Trigger options.

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