Automated backup system and upload to Google Drive

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  1. Hey,
    I own an dedi with Windows server on it.
    And I wish to create an automated backup that will backup let's say every 48 hours.
    I saw an program that could add your Google Drive as an harddrive, called NetDrive

    So these things need to happen every 48 hours:

    1. Zip/rar the whole network from C:\Network
    2. Rename the zip/rar to HOUR-MINUTE DAY-MONTH-YEAR
    3. Copy/upload to J: (google drive harddrive via netDrive)
    4. Wait for it to finish uploading
    5. Delete zip/rar from physical server
    6. Wait 48 hours
    7. Go to step 1
  2. kottalizer


    For that you could use a batch or a PowerShell script, if your server supports the latter. Windows has built-in scheduling, so you don't have to run the script other than when it is actually taking backups.

    To actually compress the file, it could be done with just one line if you have 7-Zip installed on your server. To copy and date-tag the compressed file, you can use Windows' localdatetime.
  3. Sound's really cool.
    Will you have a google plan for more storage?
    If someone does this on linux, It will be cool.
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  4. I got 10TB google space :), and if I need more my school pays it :)
  5. How would that work, because when I try to copy like all servers it doesn't allow me to do it proper because it's opened.
  6. Oh it's you.
    My friend told me some guy on spigot got 10TB from there school.
    Why does your school give you it?
    ALOT Of assignments?!!?
    btw, nice double post.
  7. Because it's off Youscope, and youscope uses google's services to work on, so we are not really like "allowed" or atleast, we don't use word and stuff, because we have to work together with other students, and we must work on it at home, and, they also did it because students were saying: I couldn't finish my homework because I didn't email it, and now that problem is gone, and, the plans are dynamic :p, but I saw my chance, I got 380GB on it right now xD
  8. .......................................
    Wanna make a google drive folder, and share it with me?
    So i can upload all my shit ?!
  9. uhm yeah sure, why not
  10. You are on a windows machine just download drive and make a script that takes a backup and moves it to the drive directory

    This should still work.
  11. Hehe, I'm using google drive on Ubuntu server for my backups :p
  12. Ok, I've found a way how to do it, but the problem is, when I try to backup files, it can't access alot, because everything is in another progress.
  13. How did you manage to do that ?
  14. Yeah. I'll PM you.
  15. Only 10TB? I get literally unlimited with my school.

    Edit: It appears as 10TB on NetDrive but on Google Drive it says unlimited.
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  16. That´s the same case for me :p
  17. Probably expands once you get close to the limit
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  18. Yea
    If I use 1 TB it will show 11TB in the Google Drive Sync program.