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  1. I know I'm not the only one getting frequent "Windows 10 popup notifications on their laptops/PCs, to which I simply avoided upgrading by pressing 'X'. I also noticed how they removed the "Do not schedule update" button from the popup, in an attempt to maybe hope their windows user to click the only button there i.e "Schedule update" button.

    However yesterday evening, the usual popup appeared but this time it was a countdown to Windows 10 automatic installation (5 minutes till update, luckily I got home to press 'X').

    But that didn't stop my laptop from updating and now I'm on Windows 10. TBH I was quite content with Windows 8.1 :(.

    edit: Maybe I should install Linux soon.

    Anyone got their system auto updated to Windows 10 recently? maybe yesterday?
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  2. +1 for linux :p
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  3. Yeah this new wave has been going on for a week or so now. :/
  4. foncused

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    I will never use Windows 10. When I am no longer able to use 7, I will be putting Linux on everything.

    If you are unfamiliar with a unix-based system, I recommend learning now. :)
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  5. Linux ALL the way :D
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  6. I'm happy with Windows 10 but, Linux :D
  7. Any particular reasons for not wanting to upgrade? Windows 10 isn’t very different to 8.1, I found they update was quick and Windows 10 runs far better than 8.1.
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    My stance is that if you're going to continue using windows you're going to be forced to use windows 10 eventually when you buy a new machine in the future, Or you're going to have fun trying to re-install an outdated and unsupported OS, Also, New CPUs released might not even support anything before Windows 10. ( Might as well get the free upgrade and keep on an OS that is actually supported and will receive security updates.
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  9. I'm quite familiar with unix, don't feel like I need to change OS ATM since my workspace programs is still functioning ok. Maybe in the near future.

    I guess I was skeptical of windows 10. Officially 24 hours of running it now, and now that I think about it, I never really used 90% of window 8's 'tablet-like' interface. I guess its not as bad as what some portion of the internet said it would.
  10. Windows 10 seems like a real improvement over 8. Obviously Windows 7 will always be the king. Anyway, doesn't it say a lot for a company that forces updates upon users?

    +1 for Linux.
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  11. I couldn't have said it any better.
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  12. Exactly, the forced update is the worst part ...
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    To be honest, I would prefer 8 before 10 easily. The forced update is bad enough, but I despise 10 for its intrusiveness & lack of respect for personal privacy. I use a version of 7 that cannot in any possible way force me to update anything, and I would like to keep it that way. :)

    +1 for 7 or Linux
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  14. Celebrimbor


    It's not "forced", but automatic as long as you don't postpone(forced in a sense). You can go in and schedule for a month later of I'm not mistaken.

    My home PC is on 10 and couldn't be happier, but my work laptop gets the auto-update notifications. And my company told me not to do it...haha.
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  15. Can I still use Windows Live Mail 2012? Microsoft Office 2010? McAfee Internet Security? PaintShop Pro X3? Newsbin Pro? Will the integrated graphics on my laptop work just as well?
  16. electronicboy

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    All your existing software should carry on working, You might need to update the drivers manually however it should be fine unless your machine is super unsupported.
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  17. What you do, is install gentoo
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  18. They should do. As said above, driver updates are really the only thing you have to do. Windows 10 aims to run the programs in the same way as Windows 8 which means they shouldn't need to be updated. I'm assuming however by your very specific list these didn't work?
  19. Linux is best!
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  20. As far as I know, the free upgrade to Win10 will not be possible anymore in a few months. You should really update, 7 and 8 will be deprecated - sooner than later. Full support for 7 & 8 will end in 2017.