AutomaticInventory plugin/Skript replacements?

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  1. Hello everyone! Lately I've had some issues with items randomly disappearing from chests with no block data showing anything was removed. Based off this post: Click me it was determined (so far) that AutomaticInventory is the most likely cause of it. However, this plugin is extremely useful so it'd be a huge loss to lose the plugin.

    Are there any plugin(s) or Skript(s) with these abilities?
    - Automatically sorts your inventory (not including your hot bar and can be toggled on/off)
    - Automatically sorts your chests (can be toggled on/off)
    - Deposits all of your items from your inventory (when using a command) to chests with the same items
    (not including items in hot bar)
    - Replacing broken tools or refills items in hot bar

    Thank you!

    Note: Must work for a 1.10 server

    Edit: Just found this one: which I think is made specifically for replacing the one I mentioned.
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