Spigot AutoMessage 1.5

Run automated messages every x seconds.

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    AutoMessage - Run automated messages every x seconds.

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  2. Could you maybe add multilined mssages.
  3. Can you add permissions like automessage.bypass.(message number), this way, if they have automessage.bypass.2, they wont see the second message listed in the config. So on and so forth.. Hope this can be added!! @shawshark
  4. This is actually what I am needing. Could you do this please?
  5. Doesn't change the Time at all? :O
  6. How do you put multiple line broadcast to work?
  7. Does anybody have this running successfully on 1.13.1 ?
  8. Hi, you can add to sound for "am broadcast", not automatic broadcast?
  9. Could you update the plugin to 1.16? :)
  10. What errors do you get when you run it?
  11. Honestly, before testing the version on a test server, I am waiting for all my plugins to be updated so as not to risk having errors in the console. I am quite a beginner in this topic and that is why I always prefer to make sure that version 1.16 always comes out on the main page of the plugin to be sure that it will work correctly.
  12. If you test it and know it isn't working you can report it, then the devs can fix it and you end up with a stable release.
    Nobody testing and nobody reporting, results in you ending up with an unstable version that's no different than the one you'd use today.

    1.16 is for testing not for live servers
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  13. There is no reason why the pluigin wouldn't work on 1.16, i'll update it on the plugin page though.
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  14. This is a follow up to @shawshark 's reply to my review.
    I think you can do it the concept is pretty simple. Just save the last sent message however you like (position in a list would be how I do it). Check if the number of messages is >1 and if it is then save the most recent message. Then when you send a message do the same check (if message# is >1) and then send the appropriate message.
  15. I’ll add this tonight, I never thought of saving the last message, good idea. Thank you.
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    Added random feature

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