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  1. Would it be a good idea to make an automesse plugin? if so do you have any suggestions?
  2. theres alot of plugins already out there that do auto messaging
  3. could you link me to the top 5
  4. sure.. theres over 100 in 2 links
    but the best one is probably
    this one
  5. the best one hasnt been updated and look what someone posted

    Feature Request: Parameters

    With the ability to use am broadcast listname 1 This means we can use this to display custom messages in other plugins, or on scheduled events which is fantastic, the only issue is that I cant pass information into this.

    If we have parameters we would be able to use placeholders from other plugins to display information, for instance I have a rank upgrade system, when someone ranks up I sent a bcast message that they have ranked up, I would much prefer to have a customizable message (which isn't part of their plugin). I could use the {username} placeholder from my ranks plugin and run the command: am broadcast listname 1 {username} {time} Then in the config for listname 1, you would have {parameter1} {parameter2} which would display the parameters passed into the broadcast; They could be infinite as the space would separate them. This could be used in so many ways, for many plugins to display custom messages with this very simple feature.

    im thinking to make an automsg plugin that can broacast through titls/subtitls/actionsbar/bossbar/regularchat with the parameter idea implemented. how much would you say a plugin doing all that would be worth obviously including the features all the other automessage plugins have
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  6. Great idea, but in realility this just doesn't work out.
  7. clip


    I pretty much did this in my plugin MessageAnnouncer. Ability to create pre defined messages and announce them by command. The plugin also hooks into PlaceholderAPI to allow over 1k placeholders.
  8. Already started working on this lol, Looked at your resources and you have actionbar/chat/bossbar announcers seperated, i guess ill be the first to have all actionbar/chat/bossbar/tittle/subtitle announce in one plugin. I think that would be the most useful announcer plugin.
  9. i was thinking of the same thing.. i wanted to make a essentials plugin for my server and wanna put boss bar, scoreboard, money system, and all of my features in one plugin
  10. Sorry if you diddnt want me to tag you, just thought id let you know i made the plugin with everything but the bossbar because when i added a bossbar it will only work if the player is sees a fake/real dragon which is just poor quality. I'm also looking to add more placeholders. Anyways here is it: