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A useful prison plugin

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    AutoPickup 3.1 - A useful prison plugin

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  2. im looking realy long for this plugin Thanksss !!!
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  3. Thank you
  4. Does this work with silk touch? How about mcMMO's double drops?
  5. It should work with both, I haven't tested with McMMO, though. But it should be compatible with most plugins.

    PS (this isn't really important you read/understand it, it's just a fun fact): A lot of auto drop plugins don't work with other plugin's because they "cancel" the block break event (this means that instead of breaking the block, the player doesn't break it, the plugin sets the block to air, and makes up some items to put in the inventory). This plugin does not cancel the event. After breaking a block, any items dropped in that location (including drops from other plugins) within .5 seconds will be automatically sent to the player's inventory instead of being dropped.
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  7. Great work, this plugin is working great with almost everything I throw at it. I've tested MythicDrops support, and it's working great.

    Do you think you could add a toggle in the config for the smelting and blocking features? I accidentally smelted my pickaxes when I typed /as. haha. mcMMO lets you smelt a pickaxe to get random autosmelts when using it. Also, it looks like if autosmelt is enabled, and you have this mcMMO feature enabled, it autosmelts all your pickaxe mob drops! It's kind of amusing, but not terribly useful :D

    One thing I noticed last night was mob head drops from the playerheads plugin bypassed the pickup. It may be fixed with the update for mythicdrops, so I'll let you know if I have any issues with it with this update. Looks like your fix for MythicDrops fixed a bunch of other similar plugin drop issues! GG

    Small bug with the mythicdrops drops, if a mob dies from environmental damage after being hit by a player, it drops those items on the ground even though the player is being assigned credit for the kill. It's really only an issue for mob grinders, so I don't think that it's really a very high priority issue.
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  8. Thank you for testing, and for the nice response.
    For the McMMO thing, there is an autosmelt blacklist, but it works by putting the result, not what's needed to craft it. For example, you would add stone to the blacklist, not cobble. I'm assuming this wouldn't be very helpful for what you want, though.
    I'll try to add new config options or something to fix this over the weekend.

    I'll fix the mob grinder thing eventually, I'll try to do it this weekend if I have some free time.
    Again, thanks for the response, it's really helpful.
  9. The MythicDrops thing is fixed with this plugin, but I'm not completely sure if the MCMMO thing, is fixed. I couldn't get the skill to work in the first place.

    Anyway, for the fix, you should set the new config option (in config.yml):
    AutoSmelt Compat Mode
    to false then reload the configs. That should work, bu if it doesn't, tell me and I'll try something else.
  10. Haven't had much time to mess with plugins last few days, but I wanted to let you know it looks like the mcmmo fix is working, at least for me. I'll need to do some more testing with default permissions, but it looks good so far.

    Keep up the great work! Don't forget to put a master toggle for each feature (autosmelt, autoblock, autopickup) on your to-do list. The permissions work well enough for most situations, but I'd prefer only having autopickup enabled and not even worry about the other features.

    ps, Plugin title has the version in it, so it looks odd when it shows the current version next to it :D
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  11. Hi, to remove the other features, you can just not give players permission to use it.
  12. Also, thanks for this, that looked really weird, I wasn't really sure what was happening with that. I thought maybe that was the first version I uploaded or something. It was my first time posting a plugin on Spigot.
  13. So, the update is amazing. Everything I've tested with MCMMO is working, even the second drop being ornery and not picking up sometimes. And, I love the GUI! No more forgetting what is on and off!

    Little bug with the dye status, clicking any of them toggles autopickup only (and names are set to AutoPickup DISABLED/ENABLED) when you have all permissions. I only tested with op permissions, I'll have to try it out with explicit permisssions set later since I'm pressed for time lately... The icons all seem to work great when you don't have permissions! haha :) And the autopickup toggles are working in either case, so maybe it's just a missed permission check loop somewhere.

    Keep up the great work!
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  14. Thanks for testing and the nice comments. It's a little after 2, so I'll be going to sleep soon, but I'll fix it tomorrow.