Spigot AutoPickup V5.4.0

A useful prison plugin

  1. Thanks again for finding this bug, I just fixed it.
  2. can you please add autopickup sound options???? so my players know when they picked stuff up automatically
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  5. Hiya,

    Have you considered updating your plugin to work with the Token Enchant 5.x's new blockbreak event.
    I admit I'm currently using Autosell, but the developer is falling behind on keeping his plugins up-to date due to other committments!

    I will consider switching to your plugin if your's proves to be as good as Autosell with the addition of the Token Enchant 5.x integration.

    I can probably speak for many other users of Autosell, in that we will probably also consider even buying (at a reasonabe price) this as a premium feature.

    Let us all know what you think?
  6. Can u add option to disable Chest AutoPickup?
  7. MnMaxon updated AutoPickup with a new update entry:

    AutoPickup 3.8

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Nice, an update! When i download the file it still says AutoPickup 3.6 :p
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  9. Oops, that should be fixed now. Thank you!
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  11. I'm really sorry about not responding. I guess I haven't been getting notified about the comments made here.
    I'm sorry, I'm a little unsure of what you mean. Do you mean adding a feature like autosell? If you didn't know, autosell can be used with this plugin. There's also quicksell, which if I remember correctly, works pretty similarly.

    I'll try to add the chest thing by the end of the week.
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    No harm done. Great resource. If it was premium, we might be upset. :p

    Thanks for the 1.9 support.
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  14. 3.8 had some really huge errors. I uploaded 3.9, which fixes them.
    This also adds a config option to disable autochests.
  15. Does this support mcmmo?
  16. It should, I tested it with the abilities:
    Tree Feller, Giga Drill, and Super Breaker
  17. Fast responce and good updates, thank for your work!
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