Autorank mob kill requirement error?

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  1. Hello guys, i have a problem with the mob killer requeriment, lets see if you can help me.

    When i dont have the Statz plugin working, i can see properly the 2 requeriments with /ar check, but obviusly the requeriment mob kill is not working.

    Then i put the statz mod and then its show that problem, and is not working. Any help please? ( i used last version of Statz v1.5.1 Apr 28, 2018)

    Autorank Advanced config:

    value: 2m
    rank change: forasteros;habitantes
    command: 'say &p just got a promotion; broadcast &p has just been promoted to habitantes!'
    message: 'Congratulations, you are now a habitante.'
    value: 3m
    mobs killed:
    value: 1;pig
    rank change: habitantes;veteranos
    command: 'say &p has just been promoted to veteranos!; give &p 6 2; tell &p You have just earned 100 stone!'
    message: 'Congratulations, you are now a veterano.'

    Console log:

    Statz Config:
    track stats: true
    show database save message: false
    enabled: false
    hostname: localhost:3306
    username: root
    password: ''
    database: Statz
    periodic save time: 10
    refresh player cache time: 60
    disabled statistics:
    ignore creative: false
    enable debug output: true
    latest patch mysql version: 0
    latest patch sqlite version: 3
    use custom statz list: false
    custom statz list:
    - JOINS
    use statz gui: false

    Please some guidee, i could not find a solution searching in internet >.<
  2. Thank you for answer.
    Yes mate, this is what i had "PluginLibrary-1.2.jar"

    Anyway you can see it when you do /plugins , it appears, so must be another problem, i dont know what.
    Any other suggestion?
  3. up
    No one knows something quite simple like that? :( stuck there