AutoRank plugin problem + player list refresh

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  1. In order to avoid wasting your guys time here's a long story short.
    I have 2 problems:
    1. For some reason AutoRank performs the rankup twice which leads to double the amount of money given away than is configured in the paths.yml
    2. I can't seem to find any explanation as to why the player list (tab key) doens't seem to update until you write something in chat OR perform /list command. (I'm adding screenshots of what I mean: 1. starting position 2. I give myself a new rank but it doens't update in the player list 3. I write in chat and then the tab updates)

    P.S As for problem #2 I figured I just install the Command Timer plugin and schedule /list every 5 minutes or something like that. But to be honest, I dislike such "solutions". This is more of a bandage. So I would really like some other more optimized way if possible.
    Thanks in advance, love ya <3
    P.P.S I obviously can give out any AR config info if necessary, just didn't want to litter here in the main topic (edit, uploaded a console log screenshot of the AR thing occuring in the wild)

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  2. Another thing:
    As is seen in the console log, AR performs commands once again 5 mintues after the first time, which coincides with the interval check in the settings.yml of AR.