Autorankup and Donation ranks twist

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  1. Hello, BjorkN here

    I am currently Admin on a server called Frontier's Edge. We have an autorankup system (soon to migrate to a money rankup system), and have a small problem that we haven't been able to resolve. If people donate for a rank, they will be taken off the ladder for autorankup and wont be able to rankup, and the only solution we've found is for us staff to manually rank them up when they've played recuired amount of hours. This is a kinda sketchy method and it wont work once our playerbase grows and more people may donate, so my question is how do you fix this problem? How do we allow donators to still climb in the autorank ladder while still having their donor rank visible? The only possible solution I've thought off is instead of having a completely new donor rank we give them the actual permissions that they get for their purchased rank, and give them a donor suffix and keeping their autorank prefix.
  2. Use add group instead of set group. Make the donation ranks have less of a weight so prefix still takes place above the rank up ladder. This will cause the player to be a donator with the Donator prefix, with a rank up ladder going on in the background.
  3. Would this be done by using /pex group weight ?

    Edit: I tried using /pex group weight, and gave donor ranks lower weight than regular ranks, and they are able to rankup automatically now, but the donor prefix isn't shown.
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  4. I prefer configuring a file rather than in-game just because I can see what I'm doing. The weighing should work, I'm doing the same.