Autoredirect for certain players

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  1. 01v


    I got one simple question.

    Is it possible to auto direct certain players automaticly on log in to a server that aint the server they connect to ( the hub ) ? i want a players first join to be in the hub, but then automaticly join back in the server they left from. Is it possible? Thanks for answers
  2. This isn't possible without custom coding something that can do this. However, if you want the players to log in on the Hub so they can direct themselves to whichever server, use the following;
    (This can be found in the BungeeCord `config.yml` file.
  3. If you know some Java and Mysql language. You can create a bungeecord plugin. And when a player join for the first time, set « example_myslq_alreadyjoined » column to true for the player. And then, when he join, check the column with a boolean.
    I wish i help you :)