Spigot AutoRestart 4.2.1

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  1. [QUOTE = "ServersMC, post: 3721234, member: 35922"] ¿Qué versión de spigot está ejecutando? Escriba / versión en la consola. [/ QUOTE]

    la versión de la espita es 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT[/QUOTE]
    That's odd? Redownload the plugin, and delete the plugin folder
  2. This "AutoRestart" plugin is really amazing. I wanna translate its configs and make a clear translated instructions about this nice plugin in a chinese Minecraft forum(mcbbs.net) to let more people know this plugin as many Chinese people cannot fully understand English. Could I do this?
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  3. Very simple, yet brilliant plugin. Works like a charm. Spigots crash auto restart was nice, but timed restarts at midnight are even better so thank you for taking the time to make this plugin. I do have one question.

    What's up with the warning message about no Internet? I definitely have internet :)
  4. Go right ahead! Send them to me if you would like, and I will add it to the plugin.
  5. Are you getting errors? Its saying no internet because its having trouble connecting to the update checker.
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  6. Nope, no errors, just the warning message. Nothing serious or bug worthy. I was just curious what would have caused it.
  7. It would have to be a bug, it's an update checker, and if it cant check for an update, it'll display that message. What version are you using?
  8. Ouch. I definitely gotta fix that haha. I want my users to know when there's an update. Plugin is pretty sophisticated and impossible to bug test it efficiently. Bugs can pop up anywhere lol
  9. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  10. love it, works AWESOME! i just would like to know how can i change how often it restarts? (I will probs find the answer somewhere but please someone still answer just in case i don't find it)
  11. Hi !
    Thx for the plugin it's perfect but i have a problem my server is running on a vps and when the server "restart" the serv stop. And i don't know how to say to my vps to restart the server just after closing. Can you help me ?
  12. Please read the instructions in the overview tab, there will be a detailed explanation on how to setu .
  13. @ServersMC - finally figure out my issue with terminal in case it helps others.

    Problem: In a Linux terminal I would start my java process/Minecraft, when autorestart performed, I would lose access to the running Java process in my terminal, and I would have to log a client into the game to issue commands if I needed it, because I lost access to the terminal. However, the game was still running ok via autorestart, its just that I couldnt access it in a terminal any longer after 1 restart.

    Fix(at least for me):


    1.) Have the server setup and running how autorestart told u too.

    2.) Put this in place of what Is inside your Minecraft start.sh file; changing of course where your Minecraft directory is located.

    a. screen -S minecraft -p 0 -X stuff 'java -jar ./spigot-1.15.2.jar\n'

    Then: In terminal in the directory where your Minecraft jar file is located; do these 2 steps:

    1.) screen -dmS minecraft

    2.) screen -S minecraft -p 0 -X stuff 'java -jar ./spigot-1.15.2.jar\n'

    *note* now when autorestart performs, u will keep access to the running Java process in terminal.

    *note* -dmS starts a screen session without attaching to and leaves u in your normal terminal window

    *note* keep the “./” in front of the ./spigot…

    *note* keep the \n it is like the enter key in screen.

    *note* delete the main log file in the logs directory BEFORE you boot the server because of the “stuff” command permission change from the current log file.

    *note* there is a space between stuff and ‘java…

    *note* if for some reason u need to escape out of the screen u r in, do ctrl-a then press d. This will take u back to your main terminal. From there u can type screen -list to see if your screen is running. To reattach to it, do screen -dr minecraft.

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  14. I'm having an issue with the plugin. Restarts aren't seeming to work properly; the server receives the restart command but then isn't able to start back up for some reason. The console says the server is up but no one can connect to it until I manually force shut down the server and restart it. It also puts only this in the console after "restarting" it https://pastebin.com/6nUqKPEh Any help would be appreciated.

    UPDATE: "Startup script './start.sh' does not exist! Stopping server." is in my console. I'm not sure if I followed the directions wrong or something but am I meant to create a script?
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  15. Thats your problem. Restart script doesn't exist. Please PM me.
  16. Hi great plugin but i have a question is there a way to keep it in one console and not opening an other one or to console the old one without me doing it?

    EDIT: NVM i found the solution for Future people juste remove "pause" from your .bat and your old bat window will close.
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  17. bungeecord support would be great
  18. Good Morning

    Please update for spigot 1.16.1
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  19. also waiting for the 1.16 version. i love this plugin.