Spigot AutoRestart 4.2.1

PlaceholderAPI, TitleAPI (fully customizable)

  1. Has anyone tested the current version on 1.16?
  2. I updated from Spigot 1.4.4 to latest Paper 1.15.2 a few weeks ago and I cant get this to work any more no matter what I try.

    I had it configured to issue /stop twice a day. Now when it counts down nothing happens... It counts down ok but it doesn't kick anyone and the stop command does not run. No errors in the console and it just carries on like the countdown never happened...

    So I deleted all the config files and even tested with the default configuration (issuing /restart instead of /stop) but I simply cannot get it to work with paper 1.15.2 at all. Its driving me mad.

    I eventually gave up and tried another very similar plugin and I have the same issue... So I'm not blaming your plugin, but I'm hoping someone here might have some suggestions as to what could cause this...

    I have issues with MySQL connection timeouts which I cannot change so the server simply must restart every 12 hours else the is connection is lost and plugins start acting weird. So if anyone can help I would appreciate it as I am currently setting alarms twice a day and doing it manually!
  3. Seems to work fine in 1.16.1 in a windows environment.
  4. Does this plugin have any placeholders? I want to put in my tablist when missing for the next restart
  5. Yes it does, check the overview page to get the link to GitLab for the full description of the plugin
  6. ServersMC updated AutoRestart with a new update entry:

    Hotfix / Updated to 1.16.1

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  7. Hello, yesterday I installed the plugin on my server and when restarting this the file ./start.sh did not appear in the plugin folder, who can help me? As far as I know that file is very important for the restart because when the time comes to restart the plugin does not turn on the server it only stops it, I am in version 1.16.1
  8. the start.sh (executable linux shell script) is handwritten by you. if you host yourself a mc server on a linux machine, you can create a start.sh file to properly start ur server.jar

    if ur using a premade mc hosting package, there maybe wont be the option to write an own start script. get in connection with ur hoster in that case ;)
  9. Hello, would it be possible to get the plugin to run a file on the server? For instance, it shuts down the MCserver, so save it's state, then it runs a batch file on the desktop to make the entire PC restart...
  10. hello, I have a problem in spigot 1.16.1 ... when I install and configure the plugin everything works correctly, but after the first auto restart, when using the /autore time command ... it always tells me that there are 30 seconds left for the next reboot, it bugged like that, could you check that please?
  11. paper for 1.16.1 latest
    auto restart, latest release on spigot mc

    30 seconds before restart this message appears in the serverlog and the server doenst restart:
    [16:22:40 WARN]: Exception in thread "Thread-14" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Asynchronous command dispatch!
    [16:22:40 WARN]: at org.spigotmc.AsyncCatcher.catchOp(AsyncCatcher.java:15)
    [16:22:40 WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_16_R1.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(CraftServer.java:769)
    [16:22:40 WARN]: at org.bukkit.Bukkit.dispatchCommand(Bukkit.java:738)
    [16:22:40 WARN]: at org.serversmc.autorestart.threads.MainThread.run(MainThread.kt:41)
  12. Great and useful plugin! Thanks!
  13. Please update the tutorial as there is not even a file labeled config and I do not know how to setup this plugin.
  14. ServersMC updated AutoRestart with a new update entry:


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  15. Hi,

    I'd assume this update fixes the issue with the restart occurring out of the time window? Like I wanted the plugin to start the 15 minute down down which starts at 08:15 and then the restart to actually occur at 08:30?

  16. Yes. Its a little complicating to explain how it works but I can't make the timer run separate from the server. Thats why everyone was getting illegal exceptions. So I had to still make the plugin run in sync with the server but it compares the server ticks to the system time in milliseconds every tick and compensates any gaps when the server lags. It is difficult to test since i can't force lag onto a server or atleast dont know how efficiently test it.
  17. Copendub

    Copendub Previously Almostskater725

    is there a way to change time zone so the restarts happen at the correct time? The restarts aren't lining up right for me.
  18. If you have the latest version, the restarts are synced with system time
  19. Copendub

    Copendub Previously Almostskater725

    yeah I found out my server time was running on utc time that's why it was off. Thanks!
  20. Hi, does this plugin currently support bungeecord?