Spigot AutoRestart 4.2.1

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  1. Okay, in your start.sh file, add this property after "java"


    java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar spigot.jar
  2. Can we add a list of commands to execute after the server were restarted ? Because I have HolographicDisplays that is used by other plugins, and at server reloading HD is load after these plugins (so I want other plugins being reload by " /<plugin> reload ", at each reloads)
  3. Thats a great idea. I'll work on that, shouldn't be difficult.
  4. I have this plugin on my paper spigot server and it usually works fine, but recently some things have not been working and I am not sure if its with the plugin or how I run my server. I run my server with a .bat file and sometimes when the server restarts it will just /stop it but not start it until I log into the computer and press SPACE or ENTER or any key. Immediately after this It restarts. I don't want to have to constantly log in to do this so I was hoping some other people might know how to fix this?
  5. Go to the overview page and click on the link to the gitlab page and read the instructions.
  6. Thanks for your help.

    I cant set to this because we use special chars on our language (Brazilian Portuguese) and i have no problem on other plugins
  7. Huh. Weird. I'm not sure why its doing that? It mainly has an issue with Linux operating systems.
  8. Normally we declare UTF-8 on save the config file, but looking in your code its written in kotling... i have no exprience with kt to help with xD
    But you can take a look on save config files part.
  9. Kotlin is the same as Java. Show me how you would do it in Java. I'll write it in kotlin.
  10. Where can I submit translation file?
  11. Great, when do you think update will be available ?
  12. Has anyone had the issue with server not reporting back to the console when essentialsx is running the backup script and the plugin tries to restart the server but essentialsx block the restart due to the backup?
  13. I'm afraid it doesn't work for me for some reason.
    Using "/restart" works fine and restarts my server but "/autore now" doesn't even though nobody is on the server.

    Any reason why that might be or anything I can do to troubleshoot that?
    It also loaded properly and with no errors in the log...
  14. Hello is there a way to allow a minute interval?
  15. I'm trying to get it so my server restarts at 9PM if no one is online, and if someone is online, don't restart until they get off. In the max players setting I set the amount number to 0, but then the timer got to 0 when no one was online and nothing happened. So I figured maybe it just didn't like 0 and set it to 1, but the timer still got to 0 with no one online and nothing restarted. Am I just misunderstanding how this feature works or is it broken for me?
  16. hey, i have a question: how can you set the server to restart once a day at midnight?
  17. restart_mode: 'timestamp'

    ## Set the timestamp in 24 hour time format HH:MM
    ## Multiple timestamps allowed
    - '24:00'
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  18. Just PM me a link to the file.