Spigot AutoRestart 4.2.1

PlaceholderAPI, TitleAPI (fully customizable)

  1. [11:03:36 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: autorestart
    [11:04:16 INFO]: [AutoRestart] Loaded

    A lot of time.
  2. this is my error on 1.17!

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  3. i want to disable the autorestart function for a few days. but i still want to be able to do ingame command "/autore in <time>".

    Is there a way so that i can tweak the main.yml file so that it wont reboot every configured time ?

  4. I run my restarts weekly. here's what my main.yml looks like to do this:

    Code (Text):
        ## Sets the restart command after players have been kicked
        execution: 'restart'
        ## This will recalculate the restart countdown when using '/autore reload'
        recalculate_onreload: false
        ## Restart modes available 'interval', and 'timestamp'
        restart_mode: 'interval'
        ## Restart mode specific settings
            ## Restart server in intervals
                ## Set the multiplication factor
                ## Options are 'hours' or 'days'
                factor: 'days'
                ## Set the value of the interval
                ## Decimals are allowed
                value: 7.0
            ## Set the timestamp in 24 hour time format HH:MM
            ## Multiple timestamps allowed
                - '14:30'
        ## Server wide prefix for all chat broadcasts
        prefix: '&7[&fVMC &aHelp&7] &f'
        ## Client restart message in game chat
        kick_message: '&cServer Restarting! We will be back up any minute!'
    ## DO NOT TOUCH!!
    version: 4
  5. I am getting this error. Anyone knows why?

    02.09 10:46:14 [Server] INFO [AutoRestart] There was an error in Messenger.broadcast(Global):sendTitle(Player, Config.Popup, Array<Format>)
    02.09 10:46:14 [Server] INFO java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.server.v1_17_R1.PacketPlayOutTitle
    02.09 10:46:14 [Server] INFO [AutoRestart] End of error
  6. Update to 1.17 please
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  7. you need to disable anything in the configs that uses the title alerts. Just use chat alert.