Autosell lets un-opped players break protected areas

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  1. When I was testing my new plugin (AutoSell) it appeared that I could break in a protected region, I wasn't opped and I didn't have the perm node: '*' So I really don't know how I can break it. Now when I break something it appears in my inventory and says I'm not permitted to break blocks in this area. Fortune dosent work with it so it appears as 1 even if I have a good fortune level on my pick.
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    I will look into this issue. Use the AutoSell discussion thread next time you have an issue. Its unlikely anyone aside from me will be able to fix it and if you don't post in the discussion thread it is unlikely I will see it.
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    I have also tested just now and can confirm it works properly:

    Are you sure you aren't a member or owner of the region? Or does the region have build allow flag set?

    Do you have another blocks to inventory plugin installed that may be causing it?

    I need more information such as your version, config, plugins list, and startup log to be able to help you any further as my tests conclude that the plugin works as intended.
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  4. I run 1.8 spigot and I have a few other blocks to inventory plugins that don't work.
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    AutoSell has its own blocks to inventory functions. Running it with other blocks to inventory plugins is probably your problem. Make sure AutoSell is the only plugin you have that handles putting blocks in players inventories.
  6. Also I am not the owner of the region
  7. I am also not a member