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  1. having the same issue on 1.12.2
  2. May I ask why /autosell command isn't saved so player doesn't need to retype it every time he joins the server
  3. REQUEST: Multiplier timer counts when player is offline
  4. you can already do this by editing something in plugin.yml I think i've done this but forgot how!
  5. can't edit the message for admin stackmultiplier, only for addmultiplier, can you fix this please, the green message will not match with my server standard colors
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  6. Are you sure? I cannot find this
  7. I cannot edit this neither @clip

    Would really be appreciated if this can be fixed.
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  8. I have a problem when autosell is on it doesnt sell at the sell price i said it to be, it sells at a different sell price
  9. Do you have a multiplier? Check it with /multiplier
  10. Hello Clip, I need a little favor, I am configuring a Prison server for @Il_Picasso , however, I have a problem with the ores, since in the drops2inv option, when I enable it, the ore does not drop me even if I have silk touch, but the mineral drops me.

    I also know that you will tell me that I should buy the plugin, however, the plugin was already bought by @Il_Picasso and you can ask him if it is true or not about the configuration.
  11. Would there be any way to link Multipliers across a bungee network? Multipliers are stored in flat storage so I am assuming there would be no way to make this plugin work cross bungee servers without clip having to add MySQL / database support for the auto sell plugin. If so, would this be a potential update in the feature or would database support never be added.
  12. Anyone know why autosell's mulipliers aren't working for me?
    Autosell version 1.9.3 + Server version Spigot 1.16.1

    I use worldguard and Mines (previously AsylumMines). Both hooks are enabled and the mines, shop names, and regions are named correctly for everything to work.

    The problem is /sellall DOES sell your blocks WITH your multiplier, but mining with /as enabled does NOT use your multiplier. Why?
  13. Where can I find the API and documentation for this?
  14. Spigot 1.8.8, Autosell 1.6.4.

    Multipliers don't seem to work as intended. Regardless of set permissions, all players end up getting the highest priority multiplier.

    Does anyone know of a version for 1.6.4 with working multipliers? Or can this be fixed? I tried to reach out on discord but support is lacking.
  15. So im having an issue when autosell is enabled its not selling any blocks exploded by slicing aka jackhammer (from tokenenchant). Iv tried older versions of the plugin and also making sure Autosell is the only plugin that handles the "TEBlockExplodeEvent" however im still not getting anywhere and wondering whats going on?

    Heres a SS of me mining almost 6k blocks and only 907 of them were sold
  16. Hi there, can we expect to see this plugin compatible with JobsReborn? I have heard that they conflict due to blocks not dropping and am hesitant to purchase the resource because of this.

  17. Hey, quick question; Does this work with 1.17.1?
    I saw a review claiming it doesn't and the overview page says it's only been tested on 1.13, 1.14, and 1.15.
  18. Can this plugin please be continued