AutoSell Plugins For 1.13 That Dont Need EssentialsX worth.yml?

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  1. Anyone know of an AutoSell plugin that works for 1.13.2 that doesn't require EssentialsX's worth.yml? Preferably one that automatically sells all items put into an AutoSell chest. However, other options work too.

    All plugins I've found either don't support 1.13.2 or require EssentialsX's worth.yml (which I've always had issues with).

    Thank you!
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    What exactly are the issues with using the worth.yml file of essentials? I’ve been using this alot on my server. Autosell and sellwand are using the same essentials worth.yml file, which contains prices of the most common sold items in chests that get sold.
    No problems here.
  3. Autosell plugin? U mean the one by Clip (this one right?
    I dont think it requires ess worth.yml (idek whats that tbh) autosell was woekwor fine for me without setting anything in ess
    And it will work for u if u setup it correctly

    We will be glad to help u u setting up autosell in
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  4. In the past when I've tried to use it then it would reset everything I've done once I restarted server. Additionally, yesterday I tried setting it then restarted my server and it said it was broken then regenerated the file. Checking now, I see I forgot to comment out one of the example lines. Now the worth.yml works. But I also am not sure I plan to keep Essentials for much longer. I use both EssentialsX and CMI. CMI is basically way better than EssentialsX in most ways, but does not have some essential features (no pun intended) such as shop signs.

    I meant this one which is abandoned and doesn't support 1.13:▶-autosell-◀-create-chests-that-automatically-sell.28812/reviews

    As for the essentials worth.yml file one, I meant:

    The AutoSell plugin you're referring to doesn't support 1.13 based of the "Tested Versions". Yes, it's possible for it to work in 1.13 without being listed there, but I'm not going to buy a plugin just to find out it doesn't support 1.13. Also, it doesn't support AutoSell chests so I probably wouldn't pay $10 for something that isn't really what I'm going for. If it were free on the other hand, then I'd consider it. Thanks though.
  5. Okay its up to u (ofc) but it does support 1.13
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