Spigot AutoTorch 1.0

It places torches for players till mining

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    AutoTorch - It places torches for players till mining

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  2. Is it possible to toggle it on/off pr player?
  3. Yes, the commands are per player.
    /autotorch on - enable the plugin for the player who execute that command
  4. OH GOD! I will totally download this plugin.
  5. I can't seem to get it to work.

    I am OP'ed and I have given myself the permission node too.
    I've toggled it on/off/on.
    made sure I was under Y 50 and that the room was all dark.
    I have torches in my inventory.
    the world folder is named "world"
    restarted the server.

    I am allowed to toggle it on/off but it wont place torches.

    This is my config:
    enabledWorlds: world
    belowY: 50
    minimumLightLevel: 8
    placeRealTorches: true
    noPermission: You have no permission to use this command!
    messageEnable: You have enabled the auto torch!
    messageDisable: You have disabled the auto torch!
  6. Did you try to break blocks around you?
    It doesn't place torches only for walking, it places torches till mining (breaking blocks).
  7. Holy moly batman! it works!

    Suggestion, add the a way to do the same for lighting caves when you don't mine. I have some areas I would love lit but its basicly just caves and it wouldnt make sense to mine to place torches.
  8. The main goal was to place torches while player is mining, not just walking but I can add this feature in one of the future versions.
  9. I have some more suggestions.
    • a config to enable it for new players by default
    • a message to the player when the plugin places the first torch after logging in/relogging. "Autotorch enabled, toggle with /autotorch".
    • "/autotorch" should toggle between on/off
    • "/autotorch info" should give a message like "torches are automaticly placed when mining under Y {placeholder} with a lightlevel of {placeholder}"
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  10. Good suggestions.
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