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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by KingTux, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. How do i add AutoUpdate to my Plugin?
    If you are going to answer this question Please don't say anything about me knowing java well.
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  3. Id? My plugin is not on BUkkit
  4. Pretty sure you need it on bukkit for auto-update.
  5. Spigot is bukkit, just with optomizations
  6. Do you know how to setup autoUpdater
  7. Follow the tutorial :p
  8. Ok, But the id part?
  9. Use this class maked by me


    newAutoUpdate(this,"String-URL to check version","String-URL to download new version","Boolean-Make download on detect new version","Boolean-Shutdown server after download new version","Boolean-Broadcast message saying that the server is restarted");


    newAutoUpdate(this,"String-Url to check version","String-URL to download new version");
    //This constructor make auto download, shutdown server after download and broadcast message saying that the server is restarted


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  10. Haven't you guys seen plugins where their config has a "config-version" field?
    I think that's how they check if the plugin is up to date.
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  11. look the video because spigot = bukkit
  12. They're not the same websites though. You're not helping OP.
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