Spigot AutoUpdaterAPI 2.5.3

API for automatically updating your free and premium Spigot plugins without a restart or reload!

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    Spigot Auto Updater - Auto update your Spigot plugins without a restart (or reload)!

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    V2.0.1 - Pretty much an entire rewrite

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  3. I LOVE THE IDEA! To make sure, this works with 1.12 correct? And does this need any sort of other APIs in the server to run, or does it work by itself?
  4. It should work by itself as I've shaded in all the dependencies I use into my own jar. Just remember that the plugin needs to be installed on the server, doesn't matter how you get it there whether you download it through your code or require your users to install it themselves. You can't shade it into your final jar (assuming you're using maven).
  5. g
    Cool! And does it work with 1.12?
  6. It should work fine yes.
  7. Cool, thank you! this looks awesome! :D
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    2.1.1 - Faster update checking.

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  9. you can add support to version 1.7?
  10. Hey there, I currently use Spigot for sending action bars which is a feature found in version 1.9.3 and higher. Furthermore, games update and update and legacy versions are not of my interest as they never provide anything new for me to work with. While that's more of a personal preference the ActionBar dilemma is still going to stop me from adding support back that far, sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. can some one make a plugin for me that use this to update my plugins please XD
  12. I'm actually working on something like that right now :)
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  13. /cheers ^^ ty so freaking much i dont mind donating :p you make my life so much easyer
  14. Just an update on this, I just started school so development is as fast as I'd prefer but you can watch my progress on Trello found here.
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    V2.1.2 - Preperations for Up2Date

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  16. Help me pls ! I can use command /download !
  17. Hey there, please pay attention to the main page, it says this API will do nothing on its own it's purely for developers. However be on the lookout for a new resource I'll be posting soon called Up2Date which will be able to accomplish similar tasks to what you're looking for.
  18. It's will premium :(
  19. Yes it will be premium purely because it's such a complicated task I don't feel rewarded enough putting it out for free.
  20. Ok :< but i can't buy because i chirld you can share with me :) pls