Spigot AutumnLeaves | [1.8-1.14] 0.0.6

This resource allows you to create floating leaves & dropping apple's :)

  1. This is great but... /autumnleaves reset doesn't work? What is it supposed to do...? I am on Spigot 1.14.3
  2. The reset command does not exist at the Moment, will be added next time
  3. Hello, I am a chinese player. This plugin is very good! Can I carry it to the MineCraft forum in China?(www.mcbbs.net)I will keep your original right
  4. hello, yes you can add it as long as I am credited and the download is linked to this page.
  5. Ok, Thank you:):);)
  6. I can disable the apple droping?
  7. PawPawDude


    My friend, kindly describe in the Overview how to use the plugin (commands, results, etc.), and what the config options mean. It seems you have a nice idea here, but without more info, and seemingly more config options, it's almost a pointless exercise. Take it to the next level. (y)
  8. It worked, you said you fixed the floating stucked leaves but it still happened.. I tried to use reset command but it didn't disappear. What do I do now? Is there a command to remove those leaves by vanilla? like, kill entities?
  9. Hi !
    I like your plug-in very much! It's unique!

    But my server was updated to 1.16.1

    Hope you can update 1.16.1 version